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I am an early-career academic that is very passionate about both my cryptographic research and teaching. I have over 5 years of experience teaching computer science topics at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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2023 - Now.

School of Information Technology | Deakin University


Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT), University of Luxembourg

2017 - 2023.

School of Computer Sciences | USM

2017 - 2017.

INTI International College Penang


2015 - 2015.


Research Intern

2014 - 2015.

School of Computer Sciences | USM

Graduate Assistant

2014 - 2014.

School of Computer Sciences | USM

Teaching Assistant

2013 - 2013.

Disted College Penang

Part-time Lecturer

2011 - 2012.

INTEL Penang Malaysia

Design Automation Graduate Trainee

2010 - 2010.

INTEL Penang Malaysia

Design Automation Intern


Web of Science ResearcherID : B-7368-2018

Scopus ID      : 56579944200

ORCiD            : 0000-0001-5571-4148


Areas of Expertise and Research

Symmetric-key Cryptography


Current Research Projects/Interests

Cryptanalysis of symmetric-key primitives - Constraint Solving and Machine/Deep Learning

Consensus protocols for blockchain applications



Web of Science - 934 Citations, 15 H-index

Scopus - 1171 Citations, 18 H-index

Google Scholar - 1504 Citations, 20 H-index

Click here for a full list


Ongoing - 5 PhD, 1 MSc

Completed - 4 PhD, 8 MSc

Total - 18


Lead Researcher
  • Investigating the relationship between lightweight block cipher constructs and differential cluster distribution using GPU-optimized branch-and-bound strategies, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme, Ministry of Education Malaysia

  • The Design of Lightweight Chaos-based Symmetric-key Cryptosystems for Constrained Environments, USM Short Term Grant

  • A Multi-actor Energy Distribution Model Based on Blockchain for Nationwide Solar Power Adoption, USM RU Team

Co- Researcher
  • A zero-divisor code approach in cryptography with application to public key encryption scheme, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), Ministry of Education Malaysia

  • Blockchain for Data AnalyticsLong Term Research Grant Scheme (LRGS), Ministry of Education Malaysia

  • A Study on the Accurate Security Margin of Symmetric Key Cryptography Against Statistical Attack, National Natural Science Foundation of China

  • Novel Symmetric Encryption Scheme based on True Random Numbers and Chaotic Maps, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), Ministry of Education Malaysia



Teaching Awards
  • 2018 - Bronze Medal, Innovation in Teaching and Learning Competition (ITLC), Universiti Sains Malaysia

  • 2017 - Teaching Innovation Award, Inti International College Penang

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Orang Asli Tangkai Cermin Workshop
National Instruments Robotics Competition
Bengkel Siswa Lestari
BSL 1.jpg

The School of Computer Sciences, USM holds a workshop for the first year students every year, to equip them with valuable soft skills and to motivate them in their studies in the upcoming years. I was given the opportunity to host this workshop for three semesters, whereby I brought speakers from start-up companies such as Piktochart, Telebort and Poladrone, as well as motivational speakers and trainers to give talks to the students. 

Orang Asli Outreach 1.jpg

As part of a community outreach program by the School of Computer Sciences, USM, I conducted a simple programming workshop for the primary school children at the Tangkai Cermin Orang Asli settlement. It was a unique experience because I went into the class expecting to teach them simple drag-and-drop scripting but instead had to start off by teaching them how to use a computer mouse. It was a humbling experience and a load of fun. The students did amazing and loved the sessions. They even told me that they wanted to do it again the next day. I would love to organise this workshop again if I were to be given the opportunity. 


In 2018, I led one of two teams from the School of Computer Sciences, USM to compete in the National Instruments Autonomous Robotics Competition. Despite having no engineering or hardware knowledge, our team managed to get into the semifinals and competed against teams from the engineering campus. Although we didn't win, it was a good experience for the students. This year, I am leading yet another team for the 2019 competition.


In 2018, I was involved in the CSGuru initiative started by Telebort Technologies, offering free coding classes to school children. As part of this initiative, I helped to recruit volunteer "gurus" to teach these coding classes. There was a good response from the Computer Science students and it was good to see them having fun while teaching the school children. Through this program, the students learned valuable people skills and also improved their own understanding of programming through teaching.

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